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Mission Statement

To create public awareness that people must take increasing responsibility for the management of their own health. To provide the essential information needed by people, educate people to discriminate between fact and fantasy in the use of herbal and health food products, by the dissemination of accurate information.

Enlliven Herbal Australia’s philosophy is to benefit the health of all human beings based on ethics, without disturbing other species on earth, and with an eCo- friendly approach as our core value.

To provide people in the world with a complete and comprehensive range of natural health food and herbal products, to the exclusion of drugs, animal products and animal testing in the process of their development and production.

Vision Statement

Promote the use of herbal and health food products as the solution for the health care and well being of human beings, together with the much-needed education on healthy-living for all people living in an increasingly polluted modern environment.

Bring to people all other alternative health aid solutions to address the needs, not only on physical health, but also on mental, emotional and spiritual health.

To provide ongoing educational information, based on worldwide research, on the links between physical bodily diseases, and our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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