It broke my heart to see how much my 3 year old Bichon Frise suffered when I put the flea drops on her neck the first time. She was in so much agony for over 3 days. It got worse at night so I cuddled her the whole night for 3 nights.

I knew those flea drops were toxic to her and that was why I was so hesitated to use it. But she got fleas and I thought the flea drops were my only option.

Thank God for the Shootag! I will never put my beloved dog through that much pain again, ever! If you love your pet, please give Shootag a go. You pets love you so please love them back.
- Jane Lee, Victoria  Australia 2010

As Owners of a Pet Store we were first introduced to Shoo Tag by our Rep, being slightly sceptical we wondered how this little piece of plastic could do what was claimed.

So, after some persuasion, we decided to give it a go on our cat who gets flaky skin after using the usual products that are available.  Well all we can say is....WOW!  No Fleas, no flaky skin, just a nice clean shiny coat.

So, when planning a recent camping trip we decided to give one of the mosquito Shoo Tags for people a go.....once again, very impressed.  Not one bite all weekend, not even the annoying buzz in the tent at night, and being camped right next to a billabong they were definitely about.

Thanks for creating a great environmentally friendly product that works.....Well done.
- Tim & Anne, Diamond Creek, VIC

Last summer I bought a Shoo Tag for my Waler horse who suffered from 'weepy' eyes due to flies annoying him. I found that within 5 days his eyes had cleared up and his general disposition was much better - not as much tail swishing!

Even at the height of summer, I found that the flies were not bothering him, whereas friends' horses had bitten ears due to the flies.

Shoo Tag is easy to use and there is no chasing  the horse around the paddock to squirt or spray on chemical products - big bonus!!

I will be using Shoo Tag on my new horse, Storm, this summer. I work in the pet industry and will definitely recommend our customers try Shoo Tag on their 4 legged friends.
- Fiona, Petstock Traralgon, VIC

I purchased the tick shoo tag for my cat about a month ago and I just wanted to let you now what an AMAZING product it is and how much I LOVE it!!

We recently acquired a cat through a family member that could no longer keep him, within a week of living with us he had a paralysis tick which required a costly trip to the vet and then countless hours of research on the internet to try and find a product that would work to prevent them. After using other products including spot on applications and tick spray, the cat was still averaging two to three ticks a week and it was costing $90 every three weeks (the last tick he had was number 11). I thought we would have to rehome the cat and it was a very stressful and worrying period of our lives.

I found your product on the internet and purchased it about a month ago, and I haven't seen a tick on him in a whole month. I just can't believe it! Even with the other products he was still getting at least one tick a week but since using your product he hasn't had one. I stopped using the other products all together. I love the fact that it is a natural product, I hated spraying him with pesticide every few days. I feed my animals a raw, natural diet so finding a product that would prevent ticks without using chemicals was just amazing.

Thank you so much for Shoo tag, I couldn't recommend it enough and again, I just wanted to say a huge Thank You!
- Stacey Nundah, QLD

My property here in Perth WA is full of visting kangaroos, sounds lovely but sadly they are covered in ticks!!  To my horror the cat came in and sat on my knee and the next thing I had a tick trying to burrow into my leg.  I straight away got on the phone to the local vet to find out what was on offer to treat ticks.  There was plenty of things for dogs but not cats, I didnt want to use anything with chemicals as I suffer from Lupas and last time I used a leading brand for flea protection it melted the cats collar into his fur!!  When I read up on SHOOTAG I thought this is too good to be true but anyway I thought I would give it ago.  Well that was 3 months ago and not a tick in sight and the cat sits with the roos every afternoon at feeding time.  Im so impressed and will be letting all my friends know that there is an alternative to chemicals that does work!!  

- Toni Malaga, WA

I gave 2 tags to a friend of mine and she told me the following morning she had noticed a change too.... her cats looked like they had been cleaning their fur all night and looked peaceful.

Well done on a great product. You should approach the vets to market this product as it is safer to use than the chemical options.

- Roy, Lane Cove, NSW

When we bought Shoo Tag we thought our little kitten was going to go crazy with the tags and try and rip or scratch them off. To our great surprise they were happy and relaxed as if nothing was hanging around there neck, if anything the tags seemed to make them much more relaxed.

Our older rag doll cat was very sick from fleas and we had him at the vets, he was aneamic and very sick. Even his usually bright pink nose was white. We washed the cats only in natural soap to get rid of flea dirt then put on the shoo tags, and honestly by the second day neither cats were scratching and no more fleas! We even had the vet out to check on our cats and no fleas..and we can say thanks to the shoo tags we love them as do the cats. They are so happy and healthy to be flea free :)

Tiki our cat who was very sick from the fleas, after a few days of using shoo tag, his nose was back to being bright shinny pink as too were his gums.

We are so grateful and thankful for the shoo tags as our cats are our family and we wanted to avoid any dangerous harsh toxic products but fleas just seem to be so resilient to everything but not the SHOO TAGS, fleas hate them, and the best thing is they are a great natural product and cheap so we can afford to keep our cats free from fleas for ever and ever :)

Thanking you and all the staff for such a amazing great and safe natural product, cats are finally happy to be flea free and happy :) It's great to see our cats happy and flea free :).
- Wendy Nerang, QLD 

I recently purchased a shoo tag from my local horse supply shop after trying everything possible on my cockerspanial to get rid of his fleas, nothing has previously worked. The fleas may go for a few days, the longest has been 1 week.

He has had the shoo tag on now for over three weeks and has not had a flea on him, which I am thrilled about.

I am about to try it on my horse for Queensland itch, I hope it works as well on horses as it does on dogs.
- Samantha Randwick, NSW

I was introduced to ShooTag in America by my holistic veterinarian and was always highly impressed by ShooTag's power and ability to protect not only my cats, but my many horses.   

On my return to Australia I found, to my dismay, that the product was not available here.  Imagine my joy in 2009 when I found ShooTag here in Melbourne at my local veterinarian.    I have been using it since on my dog, cats and many horses.

As a mobile animal masseuse who is always accompanied by my ripper dog, Daisy, I have to ensure constant HOLISTIC protection of her for fleas and ticks. I use ShooTag to protect her and will always. I do not use any of the chemical treatment options available; never have and never will. 

This is a genuine unpaid for Testimonial. ShooTag is now available in Australia and I will continue to use this amazing HOLISTIC product.
- Mal Lynch, Animal Masseuse, Melbourne, VIC

I work in Paws Point, a dog boutique in Sydney. When we first started stocking the Shootag I wasn't convinced about how well it would work, so I bought one for my older dog who doesn't react well to the chemicals in the regular topical flea and tick treatments, and left my younger dog with her usual topical treatment.

It has been six weeks now and my older dog with the shootag has been flea free the entire time, during one of the worst flea infested summers we have had!  My younger dog without the shootag has been infested. I was AMAZED at how well this product has worked!!

I have recommended it to many,many, MANY of our customers and they have all been giving us the exact same feedback, its AMAZING and it WORKS.

It is SO great to get a product that does EXACTLY what it says it does!
- Sharnay Riley, Paws Point Pet Boutique & Deli, Potts Point, NSW

I have had  two dogs for many years. Almost two years ago I lost my Australian Terrier to a tick. He was protected, so I thought, with every product available, but it did not do the job. My other Australian Terrrier has a severe skin allergy to fleas. It gets so bad that I have to use antibiotic cream and his back ends up bald from the rash and scratching. Nothing has ever stopped the fleas or scratching.

After I lost the Australian Terrier I fell in love with a Blue cattle dog. He too ,died from tick paralyisis at age 11mths. So I have been very sceptical about any product working. I dared to get another puppy a little while later and still have the other Aussie Terrier.

My friend came across the Shootags at a show and purchased them on my behalf. I put the flea one on my Aussie Terrier and the tick one on my pup. All of a sudden my Aussie Terrier no longer scratched.!!!! No itching, no pulling out of his fur, he was free from his irritation. Wow. I could not believe it. I firmly believe this product works. No other product has had that result. Finally something that works.

I also have a ginger cat that I have never been able to get rid of the fleas, so he is next in line for a Shootag!!!
- Tanya Stephens Glenorie, NSW

I had been using chemcial treatments on my dog Polly for five years.  They worked very well, but I would notice for a day or two after application Polly would seem unwell.  I wanted to find something just as effective but with less harmful side effects.

Polly and I were in Centennial Park a few months ago and noticed they had an alternative for sale at the Petwash 2000.  So I got the man to put the magic tags on Polly.  It was the middle of summer so the tags had a real chance to work and they did!

There hasn't been any ticks or fleas on Polly since we have been using the Shootag. I've taped them to the inside of her collar.  The other great advantages of the Shootag are they are more cost effective and there are no nasty side effects.  I am looking forward to trying the mossie shootags on myself next summer!
- Sally Merimbula, NSW

Fantastic! Smokey it turns out is allergic to flea bites and then the vet told me I needed to use the commercial flea products 2 x a month, not only did the dollar signs keep registering in my mind, but also what effect were they having or NOT on my cats. So I did some research and also saw this product on TV at some point, totally natural I liked that idea so thought why not I'll give it a go.

Well Smokey is so much happier, she has not had any allergic reactions and NO bites since we started using them, her coat is soft and glossy. have been recommending them to everyone I know with a pet.

- Debbie Banksia, NSW

I first heard about Shootag at dog training sessions where they had leaflets explaining the product. The option of the availability of an electromagnetic, external  and non-chemical form of flea prevention was attractive. 

My first set of Shootags was purchased as a trial in July and  have discovered they live up to the claim  of working for  up to 4 months as Wilson is flea and tick free still. 

Others living locally have mentioned ticks have been found on their dogs which is an indication that the tags are working as we live on acreage with long grass. The tags appear quite durable as there has been no noticeable deterioration whilst they've been on Wilson's collar. 

Wilson has definitely given Shootag the "paws up" so have ordered him a new set.
- Rosaleen, Burpengary QLD

A note of gratitude that the flea & tick Shoo tags for my dog have been so successful.

As a naturopath I have never been comfortable using organophosphate poisons systematically on my dog for flea & tick protection.

As a firm believer in the power of energy medicines anyway (I practice homeopathy, acupuncture & flower escence healing), I had no trouble accepting the possibility of these tags working.

Now having witnessed their effectiveness on my dog, I have no hesitation recommending these tags to anyone.
- Julie Waters (Natural Health Clinic), Bega NSW

I live in an area which is very prone to paralysis ticks and have lost one cat to these pests. Many of my neighbours have also lost their cats and dogs. If they haven't died there is a very large vet bill to save them if the ticks are found in time.

I have tried many types of sprays, collars etc and all I find is that my cat gets sick and stressed when I apply them. I heard about shoo tag and started using the tick and flea tags last December on my cat.

I am thrilled with the results, absolutely no fleas and only the occasional tick which is usually found under my cat's collar where I would think the benefits of shoo tag can't reach!  Prior to using Shoo tag, I was finding at least one tick a day on my cat. Well done Shoo Tag!
- Julie Mulligan, Springbrook QLD

Hi my name is Denise Powell, my husband & I own a small pet shop in Gympie Qld.

When we put the Shootag range of products in our store I was sceptical as were the customers I approached, so I decided to try it on one of my own dogs , a two kilo flea magnet . I gave her a capstar tablet to rid her of any lodgers & attached the shootag to her collar,at the same time I treated all my other dogs with one of the long term chemical products.

Within three days Polar was flea free and all the other dogs were not. I was so impressed that now anyone who is willing to kick the chemical cycle gets the spiel and polar gets trotted out to show off her flea free bod.

Many thanks from Polar & Mary St Pets.
- Denise & Bill Powell, Mary St Pets, Gympie QLD

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