Developed With The Latest Bio-Energetic Technology, Shoo!TAG™ People Mosquito Tags Are Non Toxic, Chemical Free & Safe Pests Repeller Tags That Can Be Hung As Necklace Or Placed In The Pocket Of The Clothing On People Including Childern

Product Information:
Your Kids love to play outside and mosquitoes love to have your kids to play outside too! Enjoy the great outdoors with your children doesn’t have to include harmful chemical based insect repellents. Non Toxic and Chemical FREE ShooTAG People Mosquito Tags are mosquito barriers tags that make it easier to appreciate the fresh air while outside.

Completely natural and safe, Shoo!TAG™  People Mosquiteo Tag disturbs the wearer’s external bio-energetic field with specific frequencies that are unpleasant to pests.  The tag which is placed on people, use the wearers’ energy field to extend the frequencies embedded in the magnetic strip creating a electrostatic field that insects do not like and it is effective for up to four months.  ShooTAG people tags are waterproof so they work great for the whole family when spending long days at the beach, camping trips, hiking excursions, or just summer nights in the backyard.

To save money and make Shoo!TAG cost effective pests, you should order more than one tag in one order. Extra tags can be stored in mylar bag provided and have a shelf life of 2 years.


Shoo!TAG - For People
(Product of USA)

Shoo!TAG People
Mosquito Tag

(People Mosquito tag single)

Item#: EASH213

$35.75 AUD

Postage & Handling:
Flat rate $3.50 AUD.
Australa wide.

Delivery takes about 7
working days.

1x People Mosquito tag


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