Recently, the WALL STREET JOURNAL published a story about the growing concern over spot-on insect control products. The Environmental Protection Agency has made public their renewed scrutiny of these types of products; even going so far as to have published a long list of pest control treatments that are under review after receiving many reports of pets that have suffered from chemical burns, seizures and even death in direct relation to the use of these products. Pet owners across the country have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of such products after their own animals suffered injuries from the treatments.

In May of 2008, one year before the publication of the WSJ story, Austin’s own Melissa Mowrer Rogers and her sister Kathy M. Heiney launched a new company, Energetic Solutions, and began working on an innovative solution that provides a safe alternative to chemical pest control treatments. They call it Shoo!TAG, and it made its debut at the Global Pet Expo in February of this year.

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