Developed With The Latest Bio-Energetic Technology, Shoo!TAG™ Horse Tags Are Odor-Free, Silent And Unobtrusive Compact Tags That Will Protect Horses From Flies And Mosquitoes .


Product Information:
- Shoo!TAG horse tags are the winner of Best New Product in Equine Category at Global Pet Expo 2009.

- Shoo!TAG horse tags are the winner of Best New Product in Equine Category at Super Zoo 2009.

- Each pack contains two tags, one for flies and one for mosquitoes.  They can be worn individually or together.

- The best way to attach the tags is to individually braid each tag into the underside of the mane behind the bridle path with the magnetic strip facing the animal. (for further details on attaching the horse tags, please check the FAQ section).

- It is important that the magnectic strip is fully exposed and protected from being bent (bridle users should attach the tag up high near the cheek).

- Tags must be worn at all times to maintain effectiveness.

- Tags contain no harmful, toxic chemicals and will not interfere with other treatment modalities.

- Tags will have no ill effects or side effects of any kind.

- Tags are safe for pregnant horses.

- Tags are completely waterproof.

- Tags last up to 4 months.

To save money and make Shoo!TAG cost effective pests control for your horses, you should order the double pack which contains 4 tags including two fly tags and 2 mosquitoes tags. Extra tags can be stored in mylar bag provided and have a shelf life of 2 years.

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Shoo!TAG - For Horse
(Proudct of USA)

Double Pack For Horse:
2x FLY tags & 2x MOSQUITO tags (four horse tags in total)

Item#: EASH208

$67.75 AUD

Postage & Handling:
$3.50 AUD. Australa wide.
No extra for additional Shoo!tag.

Delivery takes about 14 working days.

2x FLY tags & 2x MOSQUITO tags,
total of 4 horse tags

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