SE Pendant  For EMF Radiation Protection
- More Energy, Boosted Vitality & Better Health

Using a highly advanced nanotechnology process and natural minerals that are structurally bonded together at the molecular level, this pendant is designed to emit energies that boost and balance your body’s own bio energy so you can naturally activate and maintain optimum well being.  SE Pendant helps to “ unclump” molecule clusters and maintains body’s own natural flow of circulation and metabolism.

SE Pendant provides defending bio energy shield against modern day radiation pollution such as EMP radiation from wireless technologies, Wi Fi, Wi Fi routers, Wireless TV routers, mobile phones, smart meter, 5G mobile phone tower, and computers.

- The SE Pendant is tested and certified by reputable bodies (including the Korean Far Infrared Association (KFIA), Ajou University, Korea, and SGS) to emit FIR, negative ions and scalar energy;
- To be free of harmful heavy metals;
- To contain Germanium that has a purity of 99.99%.

User instructions:
- For personal protection against EMF radiation and energy enhancing, SE Pendant can be worn around neck as pendant, carried in pocket or anywhere that it can touch or be very close to your body.

- Once SE pendant is removed from its protective shield, and placed on you, it will take a few days for the bio energy shield to be formed around your individual energy file.

- It is recommended to change pendant every 12 months for consistent anti radiation emf protection.

Public and professional opinions on EMF radiation - Wireless technology, wireless TV, Wi Fi, Smart meter, mobile phone and computers.

1. Video titled "The Dangers of Wi Fi Wireless Radiation WiFi WLAN Internet Electromagnetic EMF side effects".


2. Video titled " 5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’ .


3. Lecture Video titled "The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis from Melbourne university

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Enlliven Se Pendant

Price: $147.00 AUD

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Flat rate $11.00 AUD Australia wide. No extra costs for additional units.
Content/unit: 1 SE Pedant
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