With 24 Carat Gold Plated Activative Energetic Pattern (The Tree Of Life) On The Bottom, High Energy Water Carafe "Activates" Water In Just 3 Minutes, Supported By Scientific Testes*.  

This Water Energy Treatment Glassware Has A "Healing Effect" That Restores The Original Integrity Of Water Molecules, Offering An Astonishing Leap In Water Quality. All You Need To Do Is Pour In The Water And It’s Immediately Revitalized! Hexagon

100% Lead FREE glass, imported from Europe, High-Energy Water Carafe is made using traditional methods: Mouth blowing. The unique shape of the glassware creates an energizing resonance that repairs damage caused by contaminants. The result is healthier, more vitalized and better—tasting water (or any other kind of beverage) for your drink.

The High Energy Water Glassware Is Found:
• Reduces stress levels in just 30 minutes after drinking the water.
Tested by FIR Applied Association — Japan.

• Triples the health-promoting negative ions in water.
Tested by FIR Applied Association — Japan.58etic quality of bottled mineral water by well
Tested by the Paul Sommer Institute for Biofeedback and Stressforschung — Germany.*

*Based on increase in frequency (angstroms) as measured by a bovismeter. The bottled waters started at 500- 1,500 angstroms and were enlivened to 18,500 angstroms by the Hexagon carafe - well over 10 times the original water quality. Consuming anything above 6,500 angstroms has a positive energetic effect for health and vitality. Water from the famous spring Lourdes measured around 14,000 angstroms.


According to world—renowned scientist Dr. Masuru Emoto, polluted tap water shows definite distortion when frozen and photographed as shown below in (a), while pristine water exhibits a beautiful geometric design, as shown in (c).

Before Before After
a. Normal tap water b. Filtered water c. 3 minutes in the Hexagon Water Energy Carafe

Water crystals photographed by E.F Braun, Switzerland, following the technique developed by Dr. Masuru Emoto.

Using High-Energy Water Glassware, your drinks become tastier and healthier; Water and your other favorite warm or cold drinks will taste like they’ve never tasted before
— with more flavor, texture, and aroma.

After 3 minutes in the Water Energy Cup/Carafe:
- Water Smoother and "sweeter"
- Juices yummier and fresher
- Wine, Brandy, Whisky and other alcoholic drinks - will give a more rounded and balanced taste.
- Milk - smoother and more delicious and take a look at the difference in their water crystal images:

Packaged Milk Package Milk in Hexagon Water Energy Carafe

Some basic crystalline structures

A full—fledged hexagonal crystalline structure

About Dr. Masaru Emoto
Emoto's hypothesis has evolved over the years of his research. Initially Dr. Emoto claimed that high-quality water forms beautiful and intricate crystals, while low-quality water has difficulty forming crystals. According to Dr. Emoto, an ice crystal of distilled water exhibits a basic hexagonal structure with no intricate branching. Emoto claims that positive changes to water crystals can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water.


Hexagon High - Energy Water Carafe With 24 Carat Gold Pattern
of Tree Of life

Price: $127.00 AUD

Postage & Handling:
Flat rate $16 AUD Australia wide.
No extra costs for additional units.

Lead-Free Glass
Suitable for cold or hot beverages up to 70C/158F

Content/unit: 1 unit (1 Liter)

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