What If Losing Weight Is As Easy As Taking 1g Of Yeasts Daily?
- Weight Loss Program With Yanagida Yeast Diet Formula

People Just Like You Are Dropping Excess Weight More Quickly And Easily Than Ever Before. Even Better, They’re Keeping The Weight Off For The Very First Time, Thanks To Yanagida Yeast. This Product Is Suitable For Both Man And Woman.

Patented & Proven For Fat Loss & Lower Blood Sugar!
Yariagida Yeast has been awarded two patents in Japan - one for FAT REDUCTION [1] and one for blood sugar reduction [2]. This means it’s SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED AND VERIFIED.
[1]Patent#2001292728 [2] Patent #2001 299276

Yanagida Yeast Can Help Turn Your Body Into A “Weight Loss Machine!"
Highly touted by thousands of Japanese who are thrilled with their weight loss results*

Clinical study information provided here represent personal experiences and may differ among individuals. 

Yanagida Yeast was developed by and named after Dr. Fujiharu Yanagida, an expert in fermentation and an honorary professor at the Tokyo Agricultural University. lt is based on 30 years of research on over 55 different kinds of yeast and friendly bacterial No alcohol residue! Yanagida Yeast cannot be compared to the common Brewer’s yeast or nutritional yeast. lt is not a by-product from a brewery, Yanagida Yeast is specifically cultivated to promote healthy weight loss.

Power Up Your Fat-splitting Lipases
For consistent and effective weight loss, your body relies on a fat-splitting or fat - burning enzyme known as lipase. With Yanagida Yeast, your lipase activity is supercharged, making it easier to get rid of fat cells and keep them from returning.

When your body gets hungry, it’s a signal that it needs more energy. It gets this energy by burning excess fat in your fat cells. Lipase "splits" this excess fat into smaller components, enabling it to be transported to your body‘s furnace to be burned oft as energy. This helps eliminate your hunger and cravings.

Unfortunately, your lipase levels plummet dramatically as you get older. So instead of burning tat for energy, your body begs you to eat more food. Old fat cells stay right where they are, expanding in size - and you’re adding on new fat cells by consuming more calories. Lt’s a vicious cycle inside your body, but, fortunately, you can break it with the lipase-boosting ability of Yanagida Yeast.

No More Yo-Yo Dieting
Lose Weight And Keep It Off This Time

For most people, slimming down and then staying slim is a terrible struggle. No matter how much they diet. .. no matter how much they cut back on their food. .. the end result is almost always the same.

They lose the weight, and then gain it all back - even more! Why does this yo - yo dieting occur? Because your body chemistry is out of whack, which prevents any long term changes.

Fortunately, Yanagida Yeast restores balance at the deepest possible level in your body - and the success of your weight loss programme  becomes truly astounding.

Are Antibiotics Making Us Fat?
"Alterations in gut microbiota. .. contribute to the development of obesity. . ." Findings by the Mayo Clinic, published in several prestigious journals including Gastroenterology, Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care, European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Disease, and British Journal of Nutrition.

Healthy Weight Depends On A Healthy Gut
It may surprise you, but many studies have shown that antibiotics can indeed cause obesity*, and one of the major reasons for this is the imbalance of gut microflora cause by these antibiotics.

This is especially important to realize if you take antibiotics for every sneeze and sniffle. Antibiotics kill your microflora and make it very difficult to lose weight. Even if you don’t take antibiotics as a prescription drug, you probably consume them anyway when you eat meat. Many farmers use antibiotics on their livestock to make them FATTER! Just imagine what those antibiotics are doing to your weight!

The good news is, you can help stop this weight gain in its tracks by restoring your “healthy bacteria", which dramatically increases your metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. You also get your bowels moving again, removing another barrier to weight loss.

The "healthy bacteria" in Yanagida Yeast include a whopping 19 types of microscopic warriors derived from natural ingredients used in traditional Japanese cuisine. With this potent microflora, you can reboot your weight loss and give yourself the best opportunity to shed the kilos once and for all.

Yanagida Yeast Can Help Turn Your Body Into A “Weight Loss Machine!"
Highly touted by thousands of Japanese who are thrilled with their weight loss results!
Lt’s finally possible to lose weight successfully. It’s as easy as correcting your body’s chemistry, which maximizes your fat-burning Lipases, restores your "healthy bacteria and balances your blood sugar. You can do all of this with the help of the Japanese miracle food - Yanagida Yeast!

Patented & Proven For Fat Loss And Lower Blood Sugar!
Yariagida Yeast has been awarded two patents in Japan — one for fat reduction[1] and one for blood sugar reduction [2]. This means it’s scientifically tested and verified.
[1]Patent#2001292728 [2] Patent #2001 299276

*Disclaimer: The information and product information on our website namely www.EnllivenHerbalAustralia and www.Enlliven.com on this product is provided by product supplier, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Statements and claims made on this website have not been approved by the TGA nor the FDA.

Product Name:
Weight Loss program - Yanagida Yeast diet formula(EB36212)- Best with a healthy low carb diet and 30 minutes walking daily.  
Product Price: $220 AUD (60x sachels) or $75.50 AUD/ unit.
Postage & Handling:
flat rate $9.90 AUD Australia wide. No extract for additional units. Delivery takes about 5 - 10 working days.
20 sachels x 1g per unit, totally 60 sachels in one weight loss program

Weight Loss Program - Yanagida Yeast
Diet Formula


Weight Loss Program Price:
$220 AUD per program
(3 units/60x sachels of Yanagida Yeast diet formula)
Best with a healthy low carb diet and 30 minutes walking daily.  

Postage & Handling:
flat rate $9.90 AUD Australa wide.
No extra cost for additional units.
Delivery will take about 10 days.

Content/unit: 20 sachels x 1g per unit, totally 60 sachels in one weight loss program
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