How Good Is Chaga For Your Immune System?
In North America, the 1918 flu epidemic claimed the lives of 500,000 people. However, Native Americans who consumed a medicinal mushroom very similar to Chaga were virtually untouched by this devastating disease!

Chaga has been used as a folk medicine since the early 16th century in Russia and Northern Europe. Chaga has been tested in over 50 clinical studies and referenced  in  over 1,600 publications for various s health benefits. A research paper link can be found at the end of the website.

About SUPER Chaga: Medicinal Mushroom
SUPER Chaga is a product of Tong Ren Tang, Qing Dynasty Royal Herbalist, the revered Chinese Herbalist pharmaceutical company with over 330 years of history, and is made from precious (or rare) Chaga mushrooms from -45C Primeval Forest Of Paektu Mountain.

SUPER Chaga is manufactured using the patented Super Micro Powder (SPM) technology that:
1).  Employs a low temperature (<40°C) process to preserve the natural healthful properties of Chaga
2).  Breaks the cell wall of the Chaga to release its nutrients and increase its bioavailability.

Studies show that the patented SMP technology manufacturing technique can enhance the body absorption rate of Chaga by 30%, and increase the dissolution rate of the active ingredients from raw chaga material by 40% to 107% comparing to traditional manufacturing processes.

Patents information of Super Chaga manufacturing processes SMP technology:

Asian patent number: 1241916 (valid till 2021)
United state patent number: 10/33.857

Super Chaga contains:
- Over 33,680 units of SOD in each 400mg capsule.
- No less than 13% polysaccharides
- And this product is suitable for vegetarians.

Regular consumption of SUPER Chaga by healthy individual might help to prevent health problems including cancer*.

Looking For Ways To Minimizes The Side Effects Of “Cut, Poison And Burn” Cancer Treatments?

Many cancer patients are frightened by Western medical interventions - and with good reasons.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation (sometimes referred to as “cut, poison and burn”) are necessary treatments for cancer in most instances, but some people just don’t survive the side effects of the cancer treatments. These cancer therapies kill the body’s cells indiscriminately- killing the healthy ones along with the cancerous ones.

These conventional treatments are especially hard on fast - dividing cells found in hair follicles, intestines and taste buds. That's why cancer patients lose their hair, appetite and energy and become emaciated due to the treatments.

Super Chaga Is Micronized Chaga For Better Absorption - A daily regimen of 400mg-1, 200mg of micronized Chaga can improve these problems quickly, especially since this micronized form has a higher absorption rate. It can take just a few days for improvements in some conditions or up to four months for others.

"Chaga represents an exciting new era in cancer prevention and management. Research has confirmed Chaga’s ability to supercharge the immune system, prevent cancer from forming and keep cancer cells from replicating and migrating. Even better, Chaga is safe, natural and effective — something that can’t be said for conventional cancer treatments. 

By taking Chaga as an adjunct to surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, one can increase the effectiveness of these Western treatments. Plus, one can mitigate. Plus, one can mitigate their dangerous side effects. It’s also why anyone suffering from cancerous tumors should supplement their treatment with chaga." 

- (Kim Yo, Park HW, Kim Jh, Lee Jy, Moon Sh, Shin CS, 2006. Anti-cancer effect and structural characterization of endopolysaccharide from cultivated mycelia of Inonotus obliguus. Life Sci page 79, 72 – 80).

About Chaga
Chaga has 55 times more potent than LingZhi (Reishi Mushroom)

When most people think of medicinal mushrooms, they think first of LingZhi (Reishi Mushroom/Ganoderma). But lingZhi's potency cannot be compared with the power of Chaga.

Chaga is a nutritionally dense mushroom that contains over 215 vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, immune-boosting polysaccharides and antioxidants. Its content of SOD, a super antioxidant, is 55 times higher than LingZhi. That’s a huge difference when fighting cancer or any other serious health problems.

For centuries, traditional folk medicine has praised Chaga as:
- "The Medicinal Gift from God",
- "The King of Adaptogenic Herbs"
- "The Mushroom of Immortality".

Why? Because of its reported positive effects upon cancerous tumors and other health concerns such as:
- cardiovascular disease,
- elevated blood sugar levels,
- joint and muscle pain,
- age-related mental decline,
- premature ageing
... and much, much more.

The King of Adaptogenic Herbs - Chaga
Also known as "The King of Adaptogenic Herbs", Chaga is an adaptogen, imparting the same resilience needed to survive harsh climates to the health of the individual taking the herb.

For hundreds of years, native tribes have used Chaga as a daily supplement to increase their immunity and promote powerful health, even as they get older. In the 1600s, Russian villagers started boiling Chaga and drinking it like coffee. To their astonishment, they experienced dramatic improvements in cancer*, diabetes* and other significant health concerns.

Today, Chaga is renowned for these same heath - promoting abilities. lt’s suitable for all who want to strengthen their immune system and create optimum health for themselves and their family.

Other Benefits of Chaga:
Stops premature ageing* - Free radicals are believed to be main culprit in the ageing process. The abundance of SOD in Chaga neutralizes these dangerous free radicals so they can’t harm you.  
Soothes joint pain* - At last, you can flex, point, stretch and bend again. Chaga douses the fiery inflammation that triggers pain and stiffness in your knees, neck, hands, fingers, back and feet.
Boosts heart and brain health* - Chaga eases your worries about heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. How? By reducing bad cholesterol and normalizing high blood pressure.
Lowers high blood sugar* - Chaga contains the best natural sugar regulators available. They're called polysaccharides which regulate your body’s insulin to ward off blood sugar disasters like diabetes.
Maintains youthful, beautiful skin - Loaded with antioxidants, micro - minerals and anti-melanin substances, Chaga promotes younger - looking skin that’s free of wrinkles and free of dark pigmentation.
Decreases stress and trauma - Chaga - an adaptogenic herb - withstands the harsh winters of Siberia and transfers this inherent strength to you, giving you a powerful sense of wellbeing, even when dealing with tremendous pressure and stress.

In addition to that, Chaga can help:
• Replenish energy and vitality.
• Sharpen memory and concentrations.
• Maintain digestive health.
• Eliminate allergies and skin breakouts.
• Ward off bacterial infections.
• Boost liver health and fights hepatitis.
• Fight viral infections.
• Increase strength and stamina.
• Support healthy sleep. 
• Offset chronic respiratory problems.
• Alleviate cold symptoms.
• And much more!

The Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) has been used medicinally for treating cancer in several regions of the world.
- Source: Mi Ja Chung, et al, 2010, Anticancer activity of subfractions containing pure compounds of Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) extract in human cancer cells and in Balbc/c mice bearing Sarcoma-180 cells, ©2010 The Korean Nutrition Society and the Korean Society of Community Nutrition. To view original research paper, please CLICK HERE.

*Disclaimer: The information and product information on our website namely www.EnllivenHerbalAustralia.com and www.Enlliven.com on this product is provided by product supplier, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Statements and claims made on this website have not been approved by TGA nor FDA. 

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- From Tong Ren Tang, Qing Dynasty Royal Herbalist

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60 vegetarian capsules

Recommended course of therapy: 4 months
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- From Tong Ren Tang, Qing Dynasty Royal Herbalist


60 vegetarian capsules

Recommended course of therapy: 4 months
Out of stock
Product Brochure
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Bio Chaga On Breast Cancer Success Story*


"I have personally used 'Chaga Mushroom' and have found it to be most beneficial to me in the healing of breast cancer. It was helpful while on Chemotherapy treatments for less side effects. My hair grew much faster than normal after treatments. I am still taking it for prevention. I recommend it to anyone who wish to try it for wellbeing.
- Connie Vella - Mt. Martha Vic.

Connie is one of our customers who has been using Bio Chaga during her cancer treatment. More info on her cancer success story can be found on her website HERE.

* Disclaimer: Connie provided her testimonial to our company voluntarily.  Connie didn’t receive any financial payment from our company for her feedback on our product. Claims made by Connie are her personal experience and have not been approved by TGA in Australia.


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