Made From High Quality Ingredients Only... Enriched With Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fucoidant (Extract From Algae), Vitamins B, C, E And 18 Skin-Healing Herbs... Contains No Harsh Hardeners, Detergents Or Dyes, No Artificial Colours, Scents Or Preservatives Added, Herbal Based PhytoBar Rejuvenate Your Precious Skin While You Are Enjoying The Pleasing Natural Gingko Leaf Scents:

Sensitive Skin – PROTECTED
Irritation – PREVENTED
Damaged Skin – REPAIRED
Inflamed Skin – SOOTHED
Tight Feeling – AVOIDED
Skin Tone Uneven – BALANCED

Dark Spots – LIGHTENED
Oily Skin – MANAGED

Dead Skin Cells – REMOVED
Skin Pores – UNCLOGGED
Whiteheads – REDUCED
Blackheads – CLEARED
Sun Damaged Skin – IMPROVED
Chemically damaged Skin – MINIMISED

Are You Tired Of Synthetic Cleansers Filled With Harsh Chemicals – The Ones That Dry Out And Irritate Your Skin?

Ordinary Facial Cleansers Can Irritate Your Skin, But The Herbal Based PhytoBar Doesn’t.

Suitable for woman and man, all skin type and problematic skin.

Product Name: Natural Hebal Beauty Skin Care PhytoBar
Product Price: $28.50 AUD
Postage & Handling: Flat rate $9.90 AUD Australia wide. Delivery takes about 5 - 14 days. No extra cost for additional unit.
Content/unit: 30g

Product Information:
With the herbal based PhytoBar, you get nothing but safe and natural ingredients. Each and every one has been hand-selected to nourish, replenish and rejuvenate your precious skin, without ever causing any negative reactions. Synthetic cleansers are the opposite. Your skin forms a protective layer in response to the constant aggravation. Over time, your skin texture becomes think, coarse and dull. But with daily use of the PhytoBar, you skin texture actually improves, becoming finer and more porcelain.

What is the secret?
The PhytoBar is enriched with 18 herbs used for centuries in traditional Eastern medicine, specifically because of their unique skin- healing abilities. Enjoy the pleasing natural gingko leaf scents while PhytoBar works its magic on your skin:

  • Cleans away dirt, make-up, oil and sebum
  • Reduces acne, whiteheads and blackheads
  • Exfoliates thick, dulling layers of skin
  • Brightens your face
  • Evens out skin tone

And that’s not all! Due to its overall high quality, the PhytoBar stays hard and dense down to the every last bit. It doesn’t become slimy, mucky or soft like regular soaps. Plus, the Phytobar doesn’t split into annoying little pieces. That’s not always true for ordinary soaps. They can become so dry and cracked up, they don’t even foam up anymore. But the PhytoBar maintains its cleansing power.

Not only that, the PhytoBar is 100% safe and natural. That means you can look great from the inside out and the outside in. Unlike with synthetic cleansers, no harmful chemicals are absorbed through your skin.

High quality ingredients only. Enriched with coconut oil, jojoba oil, fucoidant (extract from algae), vitamins B, C, E and 18 skin-healing herbs. Contains no harsh hardeners, detergents or dyes. No artificial colours, scents or preservatives added.

Now, you can experience those remarkable benefits for yourself. Folks who care about their skin are getting fast results with the exclusive herbal based Phytobar. Will you be the next one?

Improved my complexion!
“ The soap cleans my skin really well with no tight feeling like other soaps. I notice less breakouts on y face, and also a reduction of blackheads on my nose without even heaving to extract them. The soap also evens out my complexion and brightens my skin”. - M. T. Yeoh, 35 years old

No more dryness of flaking!
“I am really satisfied with the soap. My skin feels more moisturized now, and it does not flake like it used to”. - P.L. Tan, 36 years old

I’ll definitely buy again!
“ I find the soap works as a good cleanser, and it even removes my make-up. My skin is also visibly fairer since I started using the soap. I will definitely buy this product again.” - M. K. Shum, 38 years old


Natural Herbal Beauty Cleansing PhytoBar
Price: $28.50 AUD

Postage & Handling:
Flat rate $9.90 AUD Australa wide

sensitive skin cleanser, acne herbal treatment, very dry skin,
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