Olive Essence Concentrate With HIDROX™
- Patented Wholefood Organic Olive Juice In A Capsule.
- 300 Times The Goodness of Olive Oil -Minus the Calories or Fat!

Product informaton
Olive Essence Concentrate
Contains HIDROX™, the only natural olive polyphenol formulation that is produced from the juice of organic olives.

HIDROX™ Contains the whole spectrum of natural polyphenols in olives, including hydroxytyrosol –     a natural compound that has one of the highest levels of free radical protection activity ever reported, making it one of the most potent natural antioxidants discovered to date.

Scientific research and clinical trials over the past 15 years have shown that these powerful polyphenols and other naturally—occurring compounds in olive juice have numerous significant health—enhancing functions across multiple body systems.

Beautifies Skin in Many Ways!

Just one capsule promotes youthful, supple skin; helps protect against sun damage; boosts glutathione to lighten dark spots, and more.

Soothes Scaly, Itchy, Irritated Skin!

Olive Essence Concentrate may be a nutritional breakthrough for those with serious skin inflammation problems.

Provides Nutritional Support for a Healthy Heart!

Polyphenol-rich compounds in HIDROX™ optimise the benefits of olive oil credited with the coronary health and cholesterol control of the Mediterranean people.

Nourishes Joints!

Olive Essence Concentrate’s polyphenols promote peak flexibility in all joints in the body.

Patent Protection

US 6,165,475. US 6,197,308. US 6,416,808. US 6,936,287. US 7,261,909. US 7,713,569. EP 1098573 .JP 3820218. AU 746712 .

Product benefits*
1). Premature ageing - Slowed
2). Inflammation - Soothed
3). Wrinkles - Smoothened
4). Scaly patches - Cleared
5). Age spots - Lightened
6). Cardiovascular health - Optimised
7). Cholesterol levels - Balanced
8). Joint pain - Relieved
9). Flexibility -Improved
10). Energy levels - Supercharged

The New Anti-Ageing Nutrition Champ!

An Amazing Anti—Ageing Breakthrough!
A Harvard study (7) found that the anti-ageing nutrient resveratrol activates a "longevity gene" in yeast that extends lifespan by 70%. A more recent study (8) found that Hydroxytyrosol activated longevity genes even more effectively than resveratrol! With off-the-charts anti-ageing antioxidant power, Hydroxytyrosol also supercharges cellular energy for true youthful exuberance.

Want youthful vitality? The answer is with Olive Essence Concentrate’s HIDROX™.
Olive Polyphenols supercharge cellular energy. A recent study demonstrated that Hydroxytyrosol may be the most effective nutrient ever discovered at supporting a long and healthy life.

Olive Essence Concentrate’s HIDROX™ contains Hydroxytyrosol, one of the most potent natural antioxidants discovered to date. It has the antioxidant power that’s:
- 300x more than olive oil
- 10x more than Vitamin C
- 3X more than grape seed
- 2X more than olive leaf extract


HIDROX™ was discovered by Dr. Roberto Crea, a pioneer in the research of the beneficial effects of olive polyphenols.
Some of Dr. Creas credentials:
• Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry, University of Pavia
• Past Associate Professor, DNA Chemical Synthesis, University of Leiden, Netherlands
• Past Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Messina, Italy
• Author of 30+ international patents
• Co-author of 50+ scientific articles
• Guided development of Humulin - synthetic human insulin
• Recipient of the Rumbough Award for Scientific Contribution by Juvenile Diabetes     Foundation for America.

About Olive Essence Concentrate’s HIDROX™
- The 2011 Winner of NBT’s Outstanding Application in Health Management Award;
- Extracted from 100% organic olives grown in California;
- Solvent-free, safe and natural;
- Environmentally friendly and sustainable; Good for the planet. .. and your health;
- Certified organic with GRAS status;
- Easy to absorb. It rapidly reaches high levels in the blood for peak benefits;
- 300x more concentrated in healthful polyphenols than olive oil alone!

Olive Essence Concentrate’s HIDROX™ Proivdes All the Goodness of Olive Oil Minus The Calories Sotherefore The Fat:

1 capsule of Olive Essence Concentrate:
= 360ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Or
= 2kg Olives

HIDROX™ - The only eco-friendly olive juice supplement!
Using a proprietary, solvent-free, environmentally-sound extraction method, HIDROX™ obtains its polyphenols from the juice of certified-organic olives. HIDROX™ has GRAS status and has been subjected to the most comprehensive safety tests recommended by US health authorities.

The Secrets of mediterranean Diet - Polyphenols Is Uncover With Secitific Clinical Studys.

Concentrated Olive Goodness… Without the Calories or Fat!
The Mediterranean Diet is often associated with beautiful skin, heart health, longevity, flexibility, youthfulness and vibrant overall wellness. Olives are a key reason why. Olives are remarkably rich in polyphenols and these powerful antioxidants are known to rejuvenate health in many ways.

But here’s the problem; Olives and olive oil are fattening!  Just 30ml of olive oil contains 250 calories and over 28 grams of fat but very little olive nutrition! Thankfully there’s an exciting new solution...HIDROX™.

HIDROX™ is a patented wholefood olive juice produced from the pulp of fresh, organic olives that delivers the key health-promoting benefits of olive oil without the calories or fat!

Olive juice is loaded with polyphenols, especially hydroxytyrosol - the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered. In fact, olive juice contains 300x more hydroxytyrosol than olive oil! (1). With hydroxytyrosol and other healthy olive compounds, HIDROX™ unlocks far-reaching anti-ageing benefits across multiple body systems.

What happens when you take HIDROX™, the amazing  olive supplement, every single day?
Wrinkles fade; Darkened skin and age spots lighten; Psoriasis and eczema conditions improve (as showned in the clinical study images listed below); Cholesterol levels normalise; Achy joints feel more comfortable and flexible.

Scientific ResearchSupports HIDROX™

Great for beautiful, youthful-looking skin
A 2011 study published in Cosmetic Science Technology (2) reported that an olive extract supplement effectively reduced melanin by 50% ~ yielding a reduction in age spot colour and significant lightening of skin. HIDROXTM boosts production of glutathione (3), a melanin-reducing, skin-lightening antioxidant.

Soothes eczema and psoriasis*
In a Tokyo Vascular Institute study (4), patients with eczema or psoriasis showed improvements after taking HIDROXTM for only 2-6 months. Dr. Roberto Crea attributed this outcome to olives’ inflammation-modulating properties.

Optimises cardiovascular health!
Another study performed at the Tokyo Vascular Disease institute (5) found that HIDROX™ helps to keep cholesterol levels within the normal range. Research suggests HIDROX™ also reduces the levels of oxidised LDL (bad) cholesterol and helps promote free—flowing circulation.

Relieves stiff, achy joints!
Arizona State University researchers (6) found that patients with joint discomfort had significantly better joint comfort and mobility, improved quality of life and easier performance of day-to-day activities after taking HIDROX™ daily for eight weeks. HIDROX™’s olive polyphenols have also been found to increase Vitamin C levels in the blood - offering even more support for healthy joints!

How can HIDROXTM do so much?
• HIDROX™ has such amazing antioxidant activity! It easily neutralizes the cell-damaging, age-accelerating effects of destructive free radicals.
• HIDROX™ also keeps inflammation in check! Chronic inflammation underlies heart problems, joint stiffness, skin problems, obesity and more. HIDROXTM promotes a balanced, healthy inflammatory response*.


1. Higgins, K (Ed), Food Engineering, September 201 0, 111-112.
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3 visioli, F et al, Olive Plenolics increase Glutathione Levels in Healthy Volunteers, J Ag
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5. Bitter, CM et al, Effects of Hydrolyzed Olive vegetation Water on Serum LDL Levels and Antioxidant Capacity in Male & Female Subjects, Tokyo vascular Disease Institute
6 Bitter, Catherine M et al, Olive extract supplement decreases pain and improves daily activities in adults with osteoarthritis and decreases plasma homocysteine levels in those with rheumatoid arthritis, Nutrition Research, 2007, 27, 470-477
7 Howitz, KT et al, Small molecule activators of sirtuins extend Saccharomyces cerevisiae lifespan, Nature, 24 August 2003
8. Mukherjee, S etal, Expression of the longevity proteins by both red and white wines, their cardiovascular components, resveratrol, tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol, Free Radical Biology & Medicine, 2009, 46, 573-578

Prodcut Name:
Olive Essence Concentrate With HIDROX™- Patented Wholefood Certified Organic Olive Juice, Poduct of USA. (EB34150)
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Content: 30 vegetarian capsules
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Olive Essence Concentrate With HIDROX™- Patented Wholefood Certified Organic Olive Juice, Poduct of USA.

Price In AUD Inc GST:
1x unit: $39.75 AUD
2x units: $
77.50 @ 38.75
3x units: $ 111 @ 37

Postage & Handling:

Flat rate $9.90 AUD Australa wide. No extra for additional units.


30 vegecaps

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Olive Essence Concentrate With HIDROX™- Patented Wholefood Certified Organic Olive Juice, Poduct of USA.

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Hydroxytyrosol’s Super—Antioxidant Power Far Exceeds Other Popular Antioxidants!
- 300x > Olive oil              - 3x > Grape seed
-10x > Vitamin C              - 2x > Olive leaf extract
Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity

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